Internationally recognised by being awarded ITAM Partner of the Year 2020

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TMG's IT Asset Management services are a cost effective way to avoid nasty surprises that arise from dealing with software licensing. Surprises come in many forms: Vendor audits, cost blow-outs when trueing up or renewing an agreement, or dealing the consequences of unplanned software deployment.

The TMG ITAM Managed Service gives you a continuous view of software compliance and usage without hiring specialist staff to develop an internal capability.

Transforming IT Asset Management is a
foundation for sound business decisions
and cost certainty.


TMG brings years of experience in software and hardware asset management to the table. We can help you build your own ITAM capability, assist with discrete projects such as an Effective License Position, and provide technical resources skilled in ITAM toolsets. We also have business and data analysts to help you measure and communicate the realised benefits of ITAM.

  • License Optimisation
  • Business process re-engineering
  • System implementation


TMG Customer Advocacy services ensure the best outcomes for your company when dealing with software vendors and resellers. There are key moments in these relationships - true-up, renewal, audit - when it helps to have a strong and experienced partner to lean on, whether to negotiate on your behalf, or provide expertise and advice behind the scenes.

  • Vendor audit defence
  • Contract negotiation / renewal
  • True-up / down assistance


Data Quality Management (DQM) is the art of understanding how trustworthy your business data is.

Finance and IT Operations rely heavily on information about organisational entities - computers, people, network nodes, databases etc. - but often make decisions based on questionable data.

TMG's unique DQM services can help you get a handle on what's actually out there, understanding which management systems can be trusted, and remediating the gaps.

  • DQM as a Service
  • Data Quality Assessments
  • AirTrack implementation services
TMG awarded Flexera's APAC Partner of the Year 2018 & 2019!

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Our Products

From Our Partners

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AirTrack is a Data Quality Management solution, designed to analyse diverse sources of data related to a common set of objects (e.g. computers, users, network nodes or databases), and deliver data insights that are clear and actionable. AirTrack has two primary goals:

  • Help system owners to find and fix data quality issues
  • Give enterprises a view of their total IT estate


Airtrack makes sure your IT management systems contain all the objects that matter, and none of the ones that don't.

FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS)

Manage enterprise software in the workplace, data centre and the cloud. Reduce software licensing costs and gain a continuous view of compliance.

Data Platform

The world’s most comprehensive repository of market & product intelligence on enterprise software and hardware. Harness quality data to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.

AppPortal / AppBroker

An enterprise self-service app store unique in its ability to check for available licenses prior to fulfillment.  AppBroker offers this functionality for the Service Now service catalogue.


Flexera Software is a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Tools Market.

Read the report here

TMG was recently named Flexera's APAC Implementation Partner of the Year for 2019

Read the Media Release here

Business Adapter Portal

The TMG Business Adapter Portal (BAP) is a solution to a common problem for FlexNet Manager: In a standard implementation business adapters can only be run on a schedule from the beacon. The BAP enables authorised FNMS users to upload files and execute adapters from a website, as well as pre-validating files and providing complete visibility of job execution.  The BAP reduces admin overhead and error-rates, and increases productivity for FNMS operators.

TMG specialises in building enterprise-strength automation solutions to improve data quality, reduce overheads and boost productivity.

FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) holds a repository of software applications (the ARL) to support license optimisation operations. It also includes masses of un-normalised hardware data, collected from various inventory sources.


Flexera Technopedia is a vast database of normalised application and hardware make/model information.


TMG FNMS / Technopedia Integration links these two repositories to enable End of Service/Life  data to be automatically uploaded to FNMS. The result is better lifecycle management for software and hardware installed in your environment.

TMG specialises in building enterprise-strength automation solutions to improve data quality, reduce overheads and boost productivity.

Our Customers

TMG delivers a range of ITAM related services for large enterprise & cross industry clients globally.

ITAM is so much more than just compliance. We:

  • Establish a reliable analytical IT environmental framework to deal with the growing complexities of large scale technology deployments,including the increasing use of IaaS & SaaS subscriptions
  • Ensure functional synergies are formed and maintained between ITAM, procurement and product owners. 
  • Highlight and help resolve chronic inventory and broader data quality problems.  Ignorance of data quality & accuracy is no excuse. You need to trust what is being reported!

ITAM Managed Services for the Australian/NZ arms of an international health insurance provider:

6 year contract, 6,500 managed devices

Multiple projects for one of Australasia's largest general insurance companies:

  • Implementation and support of an AirTrack DQM solution, 30,000+ managed devices
  • ITAM roadmap and process engineering
  • Flexera FNMS upgrades
  • Flexera FNMS/Service Now integration

Project services:

  • Implementation and support of an AirTrack DQM solution for one of Australia's largest private healthcare providers

  • Flexera FNMS implementation services for Australia's leading blood supply service

ITAM and Data Quality Managed Services:

  • Large Australian mining company: 6 year contract, 4,650 managed devices

  • Australia's largest international logistics company: 4+ year contract, 20,000 managed devices

ITAM and Data Quality Managed Services:

  • Large Victorian power company: 6 year contract, 3,500 managed devices
  • Australia's premier waste services company: 3,200 managed devices

Recent projects:

  • Flexera FNMS implementation for Saudi Arabia's telco
  • ITAM Consultancy for Victorian power distributor
  • Flexera FNMS/AppPortal technical consulting for large Australian engineering company

ITAM and Data Quality Managed Services:

  • Large Australian steel company: 6 year contract, 20,000 managed devices

Recent projects:

  • Flexera FNMS integrations with SAP and Office 365
  • AirTrack Data Quality Management solution, implementation and support
  • AirTrack Data Quality as a Service for a Victorian Government IT agency: 22,500 managed devices
  • ITAM roadmap and process engineering for one of Victorian Government's core departments

TMG delivers services to Australasia's largest banks and other leading financial services companies.

AirTrack DQM solutions: 210k managed devices

ITAM Managed Services: 12k managed devices

Recent projects:

  • Flexera FNMS/Data Platform and AirTrack implementation for major Australian bank
  • ITAM roadmap and process engineering for several tier 1 financial services companies
  • FNMS/Technopedia integration for major Australian bank

Our pragmatic approach to IT Asset Management. We eat, drink and breath ITAM and with the introduction of our unique ITAM as a Managed Service, we are growing at a rapid rate. Many people are now realising the quantifiable benefits of experiencing. A young and dynamic company focused on providing the best in class Asset Management solutions to enterprise and government clients.


April 3, 2020: TMG Recognised as Flexera's APAC Partner of the Year for Second Consecutive Year

May 5, 2020:  TMG internationally recognised as the Industry's ITAM Partner of the Year