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    A Fireside Chat with an Auditor

    During a Wisdom 2022 Spotlight Session, TMG’s Sam Raco had a ‘fireside chat’ with a leading license verification auditor from KPMG, Maurice Pagnozzi, his former boss, and promises him there will be “no free passes”.

    Here is an edited version of the dialog which also includes some additional questions asked after the session.

  • Software Vendor Audits on the Rise – Things to know

    With the ever-evolving modern workplace, we are seeing more organisations embrace new ways of working by introducing new technologies and shifting workloads from on-premise to the cloud, with many still opting for the hybrid model. This shift brings with it some challenges whereby software licensing models must be considered before taking that step, as the ramifications can be costly if not fully understood.

  • How to maximise your Microsoft Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB)

    Microsoft’s Azure Hybrid Use Benefit for Windows Server was made generally available to eligible customers on February 17, 2016. Even though this benefit has been around for a while, there are customers running Windows Server and SQL Server VMs in Azure that are still yet to maximise the value of this benefit.

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    Organisationally savvy IT asset management 

    The ITAM function typically sits between business and IT operations, which can be an uncomfortable place. Worst case is where the ITAM team is isolated with a foot in neither camp, best case is where the team is engaged with all teams involved in IT asset lifecycles. TMG interviewed IT asset managers in three of our biggest and best customers to find out how to achieve this.

  • Using Manual Mapper to gather missing software usage information

    Sometimes an application is detected as UNKNOWN PRODUCT in the usageagent.log (c:\windows\temp\Managesoft\). This generally happens with click-to-run versions applications. The implementation of the solution to this issue requires a person with technical knowledge of deploying Flexera Management Suite such and agents and have sufficient administrative privileges in the environment to perform the changes.

  • Managing the increasing cost of software for business

    Many companies have felt the impact of rising costs and inflation firsthand, especially over the last 18 months. During this time software prices have increased by 10-30% which is much higher than the standard 3-5% per annum CPI increase that companies expect and budget for.

    It is important that IT and finance departments can prepare and pivot for these price hikes and manage their costs effectively.

  • Migrating FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) on-premise to Flexera One

    Flexera One is a SaaS solution – an enterprise-grade IT asset management and cloud management platform. Flexera One (including its predecessor FNMS Cloud) has been available since 2014, but there has been no migration path for FNMS on-premise users to the cloud.

    This article looks at the pros and cons of migrating and some things to consider when planning the move.

  • How to document your environment – Understanding your audience

    Modern IT Architecture is almost infinitely complex. Documenting and understanding your environment is a never ending task, and is always going to be incomplete. Given this, we need to make sure our limited resources are spent most effectively to communicate the essential items to the relevant people. This makes it easy for the reader to immediately see the delta.