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AirTrack makes sure your IT management systems contain all the objects that matter, and none of the ones that don’t.

AirTrack is a Data Quality Management solution, designed to analyse diverse sources of data related to a common set of objects (e.g. computers, users, network nodes or databases), and deliver data insights that are clear and actionable. AirTrack has two primary goals:
Help system owners to find and fix data quality issues
Give enterprises a view of their total IT estate

AirTrack Software


FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS)
Manage enterprise software in the workplace, data centre and the cloud. Reduce software licensing costs and gain a continuous view of compliance.

Data Platform / IT Visibility
The world’s most comprehensive repository of market & product intelligence on enterprise software and hardware. Harness quality data to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk. On-premise or in cloud as part of Flexera One

AppPortal / AppBroker
An enterprise self-service app store unique in its ability to check for available licenses prior to fulfillment. AppBroker offers this functionality for the ServiceNow service catalogue.

TMG is an award winning Flexera partner.

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Snow Software has expanded its traditional and enterprise-grade Software Asset Management solution to include a unified cloud-native platform (Snow Atlas), delivering actionable insights in client IT environments.


Aside from traditional SAM, Snow Atlas includes SaaS Management and cloud cost management assisting clients in optimising their overall IT spending, mitigating risk and deriving value.


At TMG, we take pride in our independence from vendors, and this independence extends to ITAM toolsets. We partner with the best technologies to ensure the best results for our customers.



Software Asset Management

ServiceNow has built its SAM capabilities through progressive releases, and is now recognised as one of the leading SAM  solutions. Manage Enterprise and SaaS applications seamlessly on the powerful Now Platform.

Hardware Asset Management

ServiceNow introduced HAM as part of the Rome release, and customers have quickly realised value through its integration with other ServiceNow modules on the Now Platform such as ITSM, to provide end-to-end hardware lifecycle management.


TMG is proud to be a ServiceNow Specialist Partner
for IT Asset Management.

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Out-of-the-box dashboards in most enterprise ITAM systems provide only basic information on software costs and financial risks, and may not support time-series analysis. Additionally you are limited to the data available within the tool.

TMG Technology Asset Management Insights adds business intelligence to your TAM ecosystem for enhanced asset management decision-making.

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TMG specialises in building enterprise-strength integration and automation solutions to improve data quality, reduce overheads and boost productivity.

The TMG Business Adapter Portal (BAP) is a solution to a common problem for FlexNet Manager: In a standard implementation business adapters can only be run on a schedule from the beacon.
The BAP enables authorised FNMS users to upload files and execute adapters from a website, as well as pre-validating files and providing complete visibility of job execution.

The BAP reduces admin overhead and error-rates, and increases productivity for FNMS operators.

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TMG specialises in building enterprise-strength integration and automation solutions to improve data quality, reduce overheads and boost productivity.

ServiceNow – Flexera – AirTrack: Integrating license management, CMDB and data quality systems enhances ITAM/ITSM processes and confidence on your data.

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TMG FNMS Business Adapter Kit:  A set of pre-built business adapters for Flexera FlexNet Manager to take your license compliance management to the next level and optimise your software spend.

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TMG Billing Solution

Many enterprises outsource all or part of IT operations management to third parties. Typically the service provider prepares a monthly bill by rolling up thousands of unit charges into a summary, which then needs to be validated by the customer. This a complex and labour-intensive exercise for both parties, with plenty of room for error and dispute.

The TMG Billing Solution addresses these issues. Powered by AirTrack, it extracts data from relevant management systems, consolidating into one dataset to present a trusted, single-pane view of active and billable resource units. The solution operates in one of two modes:

  • Service providers can use it to prepare the monthly bill, using data from the customer environment and categorising into Service Portfolio Units (SPU) based on agreed criteria
  • Customers can use the system to validate service provider charges, through a deeper understanding of what was active and billable in a given month, as well as details such as environment (production/test/dev)

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