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Transforming Technology Asset Management is a foundation for sound business decisions and cost certainty.

TMG’s Technology Asset Management (TAM) services are a cost effective way to avoid nasty surprises that arise from dealing with software licensing. Surprises come in many forms: Vendor audits, cost blow-outs when trueing up or renewing an agreement, or dealing the consequences of unplanned software deployment.
The TMG TAM Managed Service gives you a continuous view of software compliance and usage without hiring specialist staff to develop an internal capability.


License Optimisation
Business process re-engineering
System implementation

TMG brings years of experience in software and hardware asset management to the table. We can help you build your own ITAM capability, assist with discrete projects such as an Effective License Position, and provide technical resources skilled in ITAM toolsets.
We also have business and data analysts to help you measure and communicate the realised benefits of ITAM.


Vendor audit defence
Contract negotiation / renewal
True-up / down assistance

TMG Customer Advocacy services ensure the best outcomes for your company when dealing with software vendors and resellers.

There are key moments in these relationships – true-up, renewal, audit – when it helps to have a strong and experienced partner to lean on, whether to negotiate on your behalf, or provide expertise and advice behind the scenes.


DQM as a Service
Data Quality Assessments
AirTrack implementation services

Data Quality Management (DQM) is the art of understanding how trustworthy your business data is.

Finance and IT Operations rely heavily on information about organisational entities – computers, people, network nodes, databases etc. – but often make decisions based on questionable data.

TMG’s unique DQM services can help you get a handle on what’s actually out there, understanding which management systems can be trusted, and remediating the gaps.